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We're a Salesforce consulting partner helping nonprofits and grantmakers solve our world's biggest challenges.

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Nonprofit and
Philanthropy Focus

"Big Shop"
Salesforce Talent

"Small Shop"
Relational Approach

Empathetic, Agile, Collaborative Consulting
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As a nonprofit, we know you have lots on your plate. Our team of Salesforce experts brings years of experience helping nonprofits scale up and build streamlined, efficient pathways to impact.
  • Grow digital capacity in fundraising and marketing
  • Build personalized relationships at scale
  • Deliver excellent service
  • Scale program delivery through digital transformation
  • Streamline fundraising operations

An experienced partner, in your corner.

Selecting a consulting partner to accompany your Salesforce journey can be a daunting task. We get it. The honest truth is, much of your success with Salesforce depends squarely on what your consulting partner brings to the table.

We set out to build a consultancy that works hand-in-hand with nonprofits and grantmakers to deliver reliable success with Salesforce. We achieve this through disciplined specialization and genuine human-to-human collaboration.

Here's what we bring to the table:

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Nonprofit and Philanthropy Focus

Every project we take on is accompanied by a seasoned nonprofit or grantmaking expert. You won't be handed off to a junior partner who has never seen a nonprofit before. We couldn’t look ourselves in the mirror if we left the critical world-changing work of our clients unsupported by top-tier expertise. 

Working with fundraisers, nonprofit marketers, and grantmakers: it’s all we do. And we do it well. 

"Big Shop" Salesforce Talent

We’re fortunate to have world-class Salesforce talent on our team, with capabilities usually only found in the big shops. This includes proven expertise across not just Nonprofit Cloud, but also Mulesoft, Talend, Apex, and Experience Cloud, all supported by senior architects who bring exceptional knowledge and experience to the table.

We’re small and we’re mighty, a team of specialists serving some of the leading nonprofits and grantmakers across North America.

"Small Shop" Relational Approach

You matter to us. A lot. We base our approach on fostering strong, accountable relationships between people. You'll be assigned an experienced lead who is always at your side. You know who you’re working with, and you can rely on us to be there with a helping hand when you need to reach out. 

We're proud that most of our projects evolve into long term partnerships, a testament to the work we do. While we're open to project-based engagements, we’re not usually in-and-out unless you want us to be. From comprehensive Managed Services to occasional ad-hoc support, we'll find a way to keep you supported.

Bottom line, we’re here for you and invested in your long-term success.

What our clients say

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"From the very first meeting, they became a part of the team"

Habitat for Humanity GTA

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"An extremely knowledgeable Salesforce partner: there was never an adjustment or tweak that couldn't be done to help our system work for us."

Habitat for Humanity WR

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"Purple Otter excels at being highly adaptable, present, and involved in the solutions they support"

Oxfam Canada

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"Purple Otter has become our primary technical asset in developing our fundraising strategy and maintaining our Salesforce ecosystem."

Oxfam Canada

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"the absolute ideal partner for us to build out a new Salesforce NPSP instance and integrations"

Oxfam America

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"Went above and beyond the scope of their contract - they simply cared that our team was successful and did everything they could to ensure it"

Habitat for Humanity GTA

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Who we work with

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Unleash the power of Salesforce, with proven nonprofit and grantmaking expertise backed by a team that is in your corner.